Terrence's treasure

  • Employees seriously study, continue to go in, focus on their own professional areas, the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self.
  • The company has built a platform for employees to exchange information, share experience and grow together through various training.
  • Communication between people is timely and effective, not limited to form, everywhere.
  • To provide employees with a clean and tidy office environment; Help employees form good environmental awareness.
  • Cherish employees, provide night protection; Employees are a valuable asset to Tris.
  • Good logistics support is the source of motivation for every employee to work one day.

Employee Style

A New Beginning - A New Journey - Starting Again with Concentration and Strength - 2023 Terez Full Tourism Group Construction
One River, Two Dams, Three Gorges Water, Yichang Beauty in Ba Style and Chu Charm --- 2021 Terez Full Staff Yichang Trip
Condensing the heart to gather force Terrence, all the staff to build the future city - 2020 Terrence all the staff expansion team construction
Together to the Future - Creating New Brilliance Together - 2019 Terez Full Expansion Reunion

Terrence recruitment channel

Terrence always prioritizes the layout of our service network to improve the overall quality of service.
Our products are guaranteed to provide full life cycle service.

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